Make the Move in Comfort and Ease With A Company That Cares

Moving to or from Kanata? Trust the experts in moving and storage service to ensure your belongings get the care and protection they deserve!

With TLC Moving & Storage, you get:

  • Complimentary no-obligation estimates that are highly accurate;
  • Top-quality packing supplies, delivered at your request;
  • Careful and courteous moving services, protecting your new home and your old one;
  • Expert loading and unloading services, room by room;
  • Diligent movers who’ll set up and arrange your furniture; and
  • Secure storage units you can access when you need!


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You Can Count On Us
A Company that Cares

Make Your Kanata Move Easy

What’s in a name? At TLC Moving & Storage, we’re proud to give your belongings the tender love and care they need and deserve.

We live up to our motto: let someone who cares handle your valuables.

We put tremendous care into every move. We’ve built our reputation on this attention to detail, as well as the exceptional customer service we have delivered for over 30 years. Our experienced staff are ready to help you, no matter the scale of your move, in Kanata and beyond!

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