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Moving Checklist: Canada-Wide Moves

moving checklist canada

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Take the Headache out of Moving with These Tips from Ottawa Movers

Nobody likes moving. Packing your entire life into boxes, all the paperwork involved, making sure your mail gets delivered, making arrangements with Ottawa movers—not to mention, it can be emotional leaving the home you know. With the help of this moving checklist, have peace of mind knowing the logistics will be taken care of.

Two Months Before

Keep, Store, Toss

Have you ever packed everything only to get to your new abode and toss half of it out? Save yourself some trouble and purge before the move. Look critically at every possession—how does it make you feel? Do you love it, or is it just there for its own sake?


Start doing your homework on moving companies. Many Ottawa movers offer perks; find the ones who best suit your needs.

Put It on Paper

Create a binder to help keep things organized: moving estimates, to-do lists, inventory, anything you need to know about where you’re moving in Canada, and, of course, your moving checklist.

Transfer Records

Veterinarian, medical, or school records—start having these transferred to your new location. And don’t forget your magazine subscriptions!

Six Weeks Before

Packing Supplies

Order boxes, and make sure you have tape, labels, and any other essentials. If you ask your moving company, they  may be more than happy to provide boxes and more.

Use It or Lose It

Start taking those long-stored items you’ve been saving for a rainy day out of the freezer. It’s better to eat something now than to throw away later, and perishable foods don’t travel well.

Measure Up

Now’s a good time to make sure your current furniture will fit in your new home. Do you need new furnishings? Will you need to sell your old ones?

One Month Before

Book Your Moving Company

Once you’ve chosen your Ottawa mover, book the date and time. The sooner you do this, the more likely you are to get the date you need.

Start Packing

If it’s something you don’t use often, pack it early. Now’s a great time to start packing and labelling books, decorations, and knick-knacks.

Change of Address

Fill out a change-of-address form at your local post office or online. You can usually choose options for length of time for mail forwarding.

One Week Before

Reconfirm with Your Movers

Touch base with your movers, making sure that they have the same date and time as you.

Finish Packing

Make sure most things are packed and have a plan to pack your last few items. Also pack a suitcase for each person in the family, including clothes for a few days and the essentials.

A Few Days Before

Reconfirm One Last Time

Check the movers’ details one last time. Prepare instructions if necessary. Now’s also a great time to arrange for payment so it doesn’t become a last minute scramble.

Moving Day

Take Inventory

Before the movers leave, sign the bill/inventory list, and keep a copy.

Don’t Forget the Tip

If you’re happy with you Ottawa movers, leaving 10 to 15 per cent of the total fee is an appropriate tip, but if your move was especially difficult, tipping a little more generously would be considerate. And don’t forget that refreshments go a long way!