Our mission is to offer high-quality moving services in Ottawa, and our motto is, “Let someone who cares handle your valuables.” From helping you plan and pack to being prepared for any challenge that comes up on moving day, we accomplish this by treating you and your possessions in a professional, courteous manner, and by following a plan. While the plan may seem simple, it’s a scalable method informed and streamlined by years of experience handling moves big and small, straightforward and complicated.

Our Moving Plan Goes Like This:

  • 1. We start by giving you an estimate. Our estimates are highly accurate and come with no obligation to contract our services.
  • 2. Once you’ve accepted the estimate, we will deliver boxes, tape, and other packing supplies upon request.
  • 3. We care about the shape we leave your old home in—that’s why, on moving day, we start by installing protective runners.
  • 4. Next, we clear the hallways and stairs first, so the rest of the move can proceed unobstructed, quickly, and safely.
  • 5. We use moving pads and other coverings to protect furniture where necessary.
  • 6. We’re masters at packing trucks. With heavy items and furniture on the bottom, and more delicate items carefully secured, your belongings are ready to be moved.
  • 7. If we disassembled it to move it, we reassemble it carefully upon arrival. Trust us, we do this a lot, and carry all the necessary tools.
  • 8. We’ll help you set up your new home, putting your belongings where you want them. It’s your home, your call.
  • 9. Once you’re thoroughly satisfied with the quality of your moving services, we accept cash, cheque, Visa, or MasterCard.
Request a quote to get started today, or check out our Residential, Commercial and Long-Distance Moving Services for more information.