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Moving in Ottawa During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Moving in Ottawa during Coronavirus

TLC Moving

If you’re moving in Ottawa right now during this unprecedented time, there’s likely a laundry list of things that you didn’t anticipate you’d have to deal with. Now that we’re two months into this pandemic the reality has long sunk in that life as we know it has changed drastically, forcing us to adapt and adjust. If you have a move coming up this spring and you’re looking for the best way to prepare, despite everything that’s happening, here are some helpful tips.

Ottawa storage

Whether you’re downsizing to an apartment or moving into a new home in Ottawa, you might be realizing that now is not the best time to move all of your personal items. You may want to consider putting some of your belongings into storage. During this Coronavirus pandemic storage businesses have been considered an essential service. That means there’s no issue with options or availability throughout Ottawa or in other cities. While having a separate storage unit is a practical option, it’s important to realize though that not all items are ideal to be kept in storage.  When deciding which storage option is the best for you consider: the length of time you’ll need it for; is it a safe and secure place?; will insurance of your items be included in the cost?; does it have climate control (for temperature and humidity levels)?; and, are those items you’ve identified for storage actually suitable to keep in a storage unit? Make sure you get a clear answer on these things before you decided to move forward with this option.

Separate to donate

If you’re like many of us, during this time it might have become very apparent to you that there are so many people in our community who need help and support. One way that you can give back to others in a charitable way, while at the same time reducing the amount of things that you’ll have to move, is to donate some of your household items, furniture or clothing. With layoffs, job loss, stress and illness, more than ever people need help. While most charities in Ottawa that normally pick up donations have been closed for quite some time, there are Facebook and other local online groups where you can find donation/pick-up/drop-off solutions. One example that comes to mind is one of the many ‘freecycle  Ottawa’ Facebook groups. If you’re moving in Ottawa and have the capacity to help your fellow neighbours, there’s never been a time when the need has been greater. And it goes without saying that attention must be given to donating in a way that ensures the health and safety of both giver and receiver, reducing risk of virus transmission.

Safety procedures for moving

One of the most relevant and important things that needs to be considered right now is whether the Ottawa moving company that you plan to hire has implemented stringent health and safety measures. Do you know whether they are using gloves and masks, washing their hands frequently, practicing safe distancing, disinfecting their trucks and equipment after every use? Have their staff received the proper training to ensure that everyone involved in the move is safe? Call and ask these questions in advance. Moving companies have been deemed an essential service since the beginning of this pandemic, so all should know the correct protocol to following to get you safely and securely from home a to home b.

If you have question about moving in Ottawa during this coronavirus pandemic, then reach out with your enquiries or to receive a free estimate. There’s enough to worry about right now. Let us take care of your move.