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Moving Tips for Condo or Apartment Living

Moving Tips from an Ottawa Moving Company

TLC Moving

TLC Moving

Whether you’re moving out of or into a condo or an apartment building, there are specific moving tips that are particular to this type of residence. There are many moving tips and tricks to make the move out of a single family or semi-detached home easy, but when it comes to apartment or condo living, there are other considerations that need attention.

The size of your building, and profile of people in your building also need to be factored into your move. If you’re in a low-rise condo with five or less floors, occupied by an older, working demographic, you could decide to pick a moving day and time that is within the nine to five work week. However, if you’re moving out of or into a busy high rise apartment occupied with many students who are less tied to a structured schedule, then your move will likely need a little more planning.

Here are our top moving tips to consider that are guaranteed to make your move go smoother

1.    Speak with the building superintendent.

You’ll want to speak with your building superintendent well in advance of your move to let them know first, that you’re moving out of the building. It’s to your advantage to let them know your exact moving day, to see whether there will be things happening in the building that day, such as other people moving out or into the building, building maintenance or renovations, etc. You’re best to select a day with fewer things happening so that the elevator us more readily available, and the lobby is clear, etc.

2.    Reserve the building’s “moving room” for your big day.

If you’re in a larger building there’ll likely be a space just off to the side of the lobby, which can be used as a party room, lounge, or a “moving room”. If you can, a great moving tip would be to reserve this room for the day of your move. You can use this room to temporarily place a few of your items as your movers (or friends/family) pack and ready the truck.

3.    Book out the service elevator.

This moving tip will make your life SO much easier. Is there a service elevator in your building? If yes, then reserve it for the day of your move. Having a dedicated elevator for your move will make your life SO Much easier, and the move will go so much faster than if you had to wait for the regular elevator to become available.

4.    Be mindful of the parking situation.

Many apartment and condo buildings, particularly the larger building in the downtown core,  will have pretty strict regulations when it comes to parking and building accessibility. Remember that you don’t want your move to disrupt your old or new neighbours, so be sure to check with the building manager to see where you can temporarily park your moving truck. You should also check with the city. The last thing you want on your moving day is a parking ticket or worse, to get towed.

Follow these straightforward moving tips and your move is guaranteed to go off without a hitch! If you are looking for a reliable and reputable Ottawa moving company that’s ben in the business for years, then reach out!