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Renting Storage – the Best “Move” you can make in the Moving Process

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From the moment when you decide to change homes, until you’re all settled away in your new place, this period can be quite stressful. Renting storage space can make the moving process more manageable.

Hiring a professional moving company is an obvious choice, particularly if your move is a big one. To further alleviate the work and “lighten the load” renting storage space is also a good option to consider. Being able to spread your move out over multiple days will give you more flexibility and help you best manage your time.  

To help you out we’re laying down what we believe to be some solid tips for renting storage space, when it comes time for your upcoming move:

The most obvious benefits of renting storage for your move

You’ll be able to move gradually and access your things as you need them

You can separate your possessions into those that you need for daily use, and those that are more occasional. The occasionally used items can then be moved into your rented storage unit prior to moving day. In doing so you are clearing your house and removing items that are not critical for daily use. Clearing your current home is particularly important if you’re listing your place to sell. Then, if you need an item that’s in your rental storage space, no problem – just go and grab it.

Your belongings are safely stored in a reliable place

When renting a storage space it’s obvious that safety and reliability will be at the top of your list of things to look for. The items that you will place in temporary storage will be valuable and you will want them kept in a place that offers security and peace of mind. Once in your new home, you might decide to keep these items in storage for a little longer, depending on your circumstances. For example, you might be renovating your new home, and prefer to keep your items in storage until renos are complete. Knowing that they’re safe is paramount!

Your new home will have more space without your extra items

Why overwhelm yourself with boxes and boxes of things to unpack and assemble? Renting storage will give you more time and space. You’ll have time to slowly unpack, shampoo the carpets, redo the flooring, paint the walls, gut the kitchen, whatever you please. Then, as your new home becomes live-in-ready, you can go and retrieve your items at leisure.

When there’s a gap in your move-in versus move-out day

Sometimes, due to circumstances out of your control, you have to sell or move out of your place sooner than your new home is ready. While it might be easy for you and your family to find temporary accommodations with relatives, in a hotel or in a short term rental, finding storage space for all your things might be a different matter. In situations like these, renting storage space for your personal belongings is a saving grace option!

Renting storage space? Here’s what you should consider:

  • Ensure that the space fits your needs
  • Opt for a climate controlled space – your “things “will thank you
  • Reserve your storage unit in advance
  • Keep an itemized list of your items in storage
  • Be discerning – only store what you need; donate the rest
  • Insure your belongings!

We hope that these ‘renting storage’ tips will come in handy for your upcoming move! If you’d like a quote for rental storage space, or for a professional moving service, reach out, we’ll be happy to help.