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Summer Moving Tips to Minimize Stress & Maximize Efficiency

Ottawa movers give helpful moving tips

TLC Moving

TLC Moving

Summer is almost officially here (June 21) and as one of Ottawa’s favourite moving companies, we’re happy to share with you these moving tips. We hope they’ll help make your summer move go smother and without incident!  

Book your movers sooner rather than later

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, including the self-isolation, social distancing, the closure of many businesses and the slowdown of the housing market, many people in Ottawa delayed moving. Now that the economy is opening back up, restrictions are starting to ease up, many people are planning for the move that they had deferred earlier in the spring.  This means that moving companies in Ottawa are experiencing a surge in business. Book your Ottawa movers soon before there’s no availability – that’s our number one moving tip right now.

Start the moving process early to save costs

If you start the decluttering and packing process early, you could very well save a lot of money. For example, if you know that you’re moving in August and it’s only June, then you can slowly start collecting boxes, packaging materials and tape. Having a lot of lead times means that you can slowly sift through and sell the items that you no longer want. Take your time to pack up the winter clothes and sporting equipment that you won’t be needing until January. If you wait until last minute to get organized and start packing, then you won’t have time to do most of these things. It’ll be a rush and you’ll have to quickly buy the moving boxes and materials that you’ll need, and you’ll be stuck moving junk that no longer serves you.  

Find things to keep kids and pets occupied around moving day

Around the time of your moving day make sure that you don’t neglect to make arrangements for the care of your children and pets! If you don’t have relatives in the neighbourhood where you’re moving to or from, then perhaps you could call upon a good friend to help out. It might be the ideal time to arrange that playdate, or even better, a sleepover for the little people in your life. If on your moving day in Ottawa you have a friend who’s always offering to take your pet for a walk, call them and take them up on the offer. You’ll want to put all your attention on making sure that your move goes smoothly.

Prep your old, and new, place as much as you can

Our final moving tip is if you’re able to, and you need to, re-paint and touch up your old place well in advance of your moving day. If you’re renting, sometimes a landlord will ask that you re-paint to the original colour before you move out, in order to get your damage deposit back. If you’re able, we suggest doing this in the month leading up to the big moving day. It’ll be one more thing taken “off your plate”, thereby resulting in a moving out process that’s more organized and less stressful.

We hope these moving tips will result in a smooth and stress free move for you and your family! If you are still looking for a reliable and dependable moving company in Ottawa, then reach out for a free, no-commitment quote.