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Ensuring a Safe Move during COVID-19

TLC Moving & Storage - ensuring a safe move during COVID19

TLC Moving

TLC Moving

We are all concerned about our health and that of our loved ones right now. If you have an upcoming move, making sure that it’s a “safe move” during this COVID-19 pandemic is a top priority for everyone – our clients and moving staff alike.

The Ontario government has classified moving companies as an essential business. While most all facets of everyday life has come to a near stop, the fact is, some people have no choice but to move right now.

Why Ottawa moving companies are still operating

  • Real estate transactions for residential properties that were initiated one, two and three months ago are still taking place.
  • People have sold their homes; new families are moving in, while others are moving out and on to their next location.
  • Numerous renters throughout Ottawa and Gatineau have leases that are soon about to end.
  • Students at the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College and Carleton University who live in off-campus housing, and who are finishing up their semester or programs, need to vacate their rental accommodations.
  • Many commercial renters are in a similar situation whereby they need to vacate or move. Sadly, many businesses have shut down and will close up.

You’re planning to move, but what’s your COVID-19 / Coronavirus status?

If you or someone in your household who you are self-isolating with are experiencing flu-like symptoms – a cough, fever, sore throat, heaviness in your chest or difficulty breathing – then we ask you to postpone your move until at least two weeks after the date from which all symptoms have disappeared.

While it may cause you some inconvenience to have to re-schedule your moving day, it is the safe and responsible thing to do right now – right now would not be a safe time to move. Furthermore, knowingly going ahead with your move while under these circumstances puts the citizens of Ottawa and surrounding areas in direct danger of contracting Coronavirus.

How we are doing our part

Our crew always shows up for a moving job with their best intentions to move your belongings safely and securing from one location to the next. Things are no different now. In fact, we have trained our staff to be extra vigilant during these times. Here are just a few of the additional health and safety means we’re putting in place to ensure that you and everyone involved in the moving process is safe.

What we ask our of customers during this pandemic

  • We ask that you securely pack your items into boxes and bags, ensuring that there are no “lose” items.
  • Pack your items using gloves, and wash / sanitize your hands frequently while packing.
  • Please have all items set aside to move at least 24-36 hours in advance, and do not touch them in this window leading up to the move.
  • Make a big effort to leave your old place cleaned and disinfected, and of course, the same care should be given to cleaning your new home.

What we promise to ensure a safe move for you and your family

  • Any of our staff who might be a presumptive case, or close to someone in this situation is not permitted to work.
  • We will use gloves, hand sanitizer, and exercise caution when moving your belongings.
  • We will respect distances, and take our time. If it takes us longer to load/off-load, so be it. Safety first.
  • We ask that you wait 24-36 hours before you unpack the items that we will deliver.  

If you’re not sure about the health and safety measure that your moving company is taking to ensure the utmost protection and care during this time, call them to ask the questions. Any reputable Ottawa moving company should have procedures in place for a safe move, have briefed and trained their staff, and most of all, should be taking this pandemic seriously!

If you need a quote for an upcoming move, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have been moving Ottawa and Gatineau residents safely for the last 20+ years. We will continue to do so throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. We are in this together!