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How to Handle a Last Minute Move

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TLC Moving

TLC Moving

Ottawa Pro Movers Can Help You Cope With This Stressful Scenario

You get offered a great job, but you have to start next week. You have a family emergency and have to relocate. Something in your current home is deemed unsafe, and you have to move immediately. Whatever the reason, anyone could find themselves in a situation where they have to move quickly. A last minute move sounds like it would be very stressful, but there are some tips to help make your move less stressful. If you live in the greater Ottawa area, finding last minute movers is a great idea, and should be the very first thing you do after finding out you have to move.

Get Out the Pen and Paper

Once you’ve found pro movers in Ottawa to help you, the next thing you should do is make a list. Moving can be overwhelming if you have months to plan, and a last minute move even more so. Making a list might sound like a small thing, but it will help you de-stress. It automatically tells your brain that you have a plan, and will help you to feel less overwhelmed. As you complete your tasks, crossing them off the list will give you a sense of accomplishment, which is important in a last minute move!

Anyone Owe You a Favour?

Think back to all the people you have helped move over the years. If you have to move at the last minute, you may want to cash in all of those favours at once! Because of the chaos of a fast move, make sure you have planned out tasks for each person who will be helping you. There will be boxes and things everywhere, and if everyone knows what they are supposed to do as soon as they arrive, having more people in the house will be less likely to contribute to the chaos.

Spend Some Extra Money

Moving can be expensive, and no one wants to plan to spend even more money, but it will be worth it to save you from stress. There are some things that you may want to splurge on such as professional cleaners. A last minute move will be tiring and somewhat chaotic, no matter how many de-stressing things you do during the move, and at the end of it, you will not have the energy or time to clean. Another item to buy is Rubbermaid bins or boxes. When you have a couple of months to plan, there is more time to scrounge around for free boxes but with limited time, getting some good boxes will save you time and stress.