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Moving During COVID: What to Know and Expect

Moving During COVID: What to Know and Expect

TLC Moving

TLC Moving

Moving is already stressful to begin with but during these unprecedented times there are a few additional things you should plan for and anticipate

COVID-19 has reshaped the way most of us live our lives. It seems complicated to make plans for the future or make significant changes – like moving – in our lives when life feels so unpredictable. For some, moving is a choice, but it may not be for others, and moving during COVID is nobody’s first choice. If you’ve moved before, moving during COVID won’t be the same experience, and if this is your first time moving, there’s even more, to learn and prepare for. To properly plan your move during these times, there are some additional factors that you should take into consideration.

Rules and regulations around moving during COVID

There aren’t currently any laws or regulations when it comes to moving during COVID. The province of Ontario has deemed moving companies an essential service, so there’s no need to worry about losing them as a resource any time soon. The most important thing to consider when moving during COVID is practicing physical distancing and limiting your moving team to just your household and your moving company.

Virtual home tours and moving quotes

When it comes to limiting the spread of COVID-19, reducing in-person contact is strongly advised. Many real estate agents and moving companies have pivoted their businesses online to safely offer their services. Suppose you need a moving estimate or are trying to look at houses. In that case, you can now do it over video chat – completely virtual. While not every business may offer this option, you can always ask around.

Safety precautions you should expect and inquire about

Moving companies have likely changed their policies a bit. If you are hiring a moving company or have already hired one ahead of time, inquire about their new policies regarding cancellations, deposits, and safety precautions. When it comes to safety when moving during COVID, you and your family’s health is a top priority. Moving companies are taking the pandemic seriously and will strive to provide their services in the safest way possible.

Some safety precautions you can expect from moving companies include:

  • Following social distancing and sanitization guidelines per federal, provincial, and municipal recommendations
  • Wearing masks
  • Frequently sanitizing trucks and other moving equipment
  • Providing virtual quotes and estimates
  • Doing frequent health screenings of all movers before their shifts
  • Limiting close contact with customers

If you have any concerns about sanitation or safety don’t hesitate to inquire and ask. Every business is doing its best to help its customers and employees stay as safe as possible.

Finally, feeling a bit under the weather during a move may not have been a big concern. However, when moving during COVID, you should cancel your move, if possible, if you are feeling sick or a part of a high-risk group. If you can not cancel your move, try to have a backup plan (i.e., a family member or friend who can move your belongings for you) if you fall ill unexpectedly or are a close contact of a confirmed case close to your moving date and have to self-isolate.

Moving during COVID will come with unique challenges for everyone. However, if we continue to work together and follow health and safety guidelines, you can still have a successful move.