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Organizing Tips to Keep Your Garage Clean and Clutter-Free After a Move

Organizing Tips to Keep Your Garage Clean and Clutter-Free After a Move

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These organizing tips will help you maximize storage and prevent mess and clutter during, and after, the chaos of moving day.

Moving day is over; it’s time to unpack and settle into your new home; but your garage is now full of boxes, garbage, and clutter. It’s easy to overlook your garage on moving day. Your primary focus is safely moving your family, yourself, and your belongings from point A to point B. Garages are great for extra storage space, but it’s easy to get in the habit of treating them as oversized junk drawers. Following these organizing tips will prevent the headache of a messy garage, so you have one less thing to worry about after your move. 

Don’t let things pile up

The best way to avoid a mess is to avoid making one in the first place. This organizing tip is easier said than done (especially after a long move). Still, it makes a massive difference in the long run. More mess = more work to do. Make a conscious effort to tackle the clutter sooner rather than later. Cleaning in small bursts can alleviate some of the stress and shrink your garage cleaning to-do list significantly.

Invest in shelving units, hooks, and other storage systems

Stacking boxes against the wall or in the corner of your garage with a mental note to ‘sort’ or ‘unpack’ later can be a dangerous game to play. The next thing you know, three months have gone by, and your boxes are still where you left them – collecting dust. This organizing tip promises that storage systems will become your best friend. They’re generally very inexpensive, easy to install, get boxes and big items off the floors, and make it easier to start organizing.  

Plan ahead of your move

Garages are notorious for being where the “things that don’t have a place” go to die. Before your move, go through your current garage and get rid of whatever you don’t use or haven’t touched in months. An excellent organizing tip is to avoid bringing old clutter that’ll only jumpstart new clutter.  Additionally, if you can set up shelves and storage systems in your new garage before moving day, that’ll be one less thing to do on the day of.  

A place for everything and everything in its place

Before you dive into organizing, be sure you know what you have and where it’s going. Map out your garage and divide everything you have into categories (e.g., recycling/garbage, equipment, tools, sports equipment). Designate a specific spot for everything and then decide what’ll be the best way to organize each category of items.

More organizing tips to make your move easier

Each one of these organizing tips works hand-in-hand with each other. Planning, investing in storage systems, and having a special place for everything is the best way to avoid clutter. Not only will it alleviate stress on and after your moving day, but the satisfaction of a spotless, clutter-free garage is also unmatched.

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