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Moving in Ottawa – Winter Moving Tips

Moving in Ottawa - Winter Moving Tips

TLC Moving

TLC Moving

If you’re moving in Ottawa and it happens to be during the winter months, there are things you can do that will help make your move go more smoothly. We all know how challenging the weather can be in the national capital from November until April. If you get unlucky and happen to be moving during one of our coldest cold snaps, these moving tips will certainly come in handy!

1.   All Eyes on the weather – short-term

You can watch the long range forecast all you want, but if you’re moving in Ottawa in January/February, you know how unpredictable the temperatures can be. In the days leading up to your move check the Weather Network or Environment Canada to see what the conditions will be on the days of your move. If it’s calling for blustery snow squalls, or extreme frigid temps, contact your moving company to confirm that you’re all good to go.  If meteorologists are predicting Ottawa road and school closures, there’s a chance you might have to reschedule.  These are all conversations best had with your Ottawa movers as much in advance as possible.

2.   Prep your home – both the old and new place

You’re moving in and around Ottawa, so guaranteed your moving company has experience moving in wet and sloppy conditions. What we recommend doing to keep things as clean as possible, both at your old place and at your new home, is to cover your floors. You’ll want to  protect wood surfaces from salt and sand on the bottom of boots. Also, keeping the floors covered with drop sheets and paper could make some ceramic surfaces drier and safer for your movers. This quick and easy moving tip will be appreciated by those moving into your old place, and it’ll definitely make move in and clean up easier and faster in your new home.

3.   Be mindful of energy consumption

On the day of the move, particularly if Ottawa is in a deep freeze and experiencing brutal temps of minus 30 or worse, turn your thermostat down, way down. Your movers will be moving items into and out of your home, with the door frequently opened, so you don’t want the furnace cut in for hours and hours. Trying to impossibly heat a home that has its doors open to the outside will send your energy bill soaring.

4.   Prep the outside of your home

To make for a smooth move in Ottawa winter, make sure that on the day of your move both the driveway and the sidewalks are clear. Since there’ll be a lot of activity, best to throw down ample sand and salt to avoid slip and falls. The last thing you want on the day of your big move in Ottawa is to have someone take a spill and break a limb. Your movers, and possibly family and friends, are there to help. Try to your best to kep everyone safe on this very busy day.

5.   Warm treats for the moving crew

What’s better than taking a break from the cold to sip on something hot? Ummm… nothing we can think of! A nice touch that’ll be so appreciated on a cold moving day in Ottawa is to have a crock pot of something hot – like apple cider or cocoa, on hand. You’ll want your moving crew to be at the top of their game, and this little touch will make everyone a little warmer and happier.

If you’re still working out the details of your move, and haven’t yet reached out to movers in Ottawa, get in touch. We have years of experience and will be happy to help.